Planet X started in 2010 in the back of the Buckaroo Club in Spenard, Alaska in a 250sqft space barely big enough for 3 display cases. In 2005 we moved to a larger 2000 sq ft building just across the street and this allowed us to grow and expand our product line. In 2019 we made the jump and bought our own building right across the street again.  Staying in Spenard holds a special place for us and the Spenard store will always be special to those who helped build the company. 


Our industry is evolving and to keep our industry Alaska owned we must evolve with it. Over the last couple years our storefronts have changed drastically to catch up as we watch other industries taken over by large outside companies. Here at Planet X we offer a clean, fun, and organized environment. We promise to maintain the largest selection and quality of products in the state and provide an amazing shopping experience with excellent knowledgeable staff and a comfortable atmosphere. We will continue to carry the largest selection of Alaskan Blown glass anywhere. We promise to continue to pay our employees the highest rate in the industry and keep our prices as competitive as possible. Thank you for standing by us as we fight to keep our industry Alaska Owned.


I was born and raised in Tacoma, Wa. As a teenager I owned a small hemp store next to a local college. In 1996 I moved to Alaska and started a career as longliner in the commercial fishing industry. Changes in the laws and the start of IFQ's forced me out of the industry as I only had one year experience and there was very few jobs. I moved to Anchorage and started cooking and waiting tables to get by. Across the street from me a political outfit called "Free HEMP in Alaska" had started up and I joined up a lackey who did odd jobs and fixing things. I soon quit my job and moved into the building and dedicated my life to legalization.  By 2003 I was running the signature drive for the second campaign and gathered more valid signatures for a marijuana initiative than any other initiative drive in Alaska history. After we lost the second attempt at legalization I took a 2 year contract to help Oregon on a medical marijuana drive and to open a patient run medical co-op in Portland. It was here I became a published professional grow consultant.  I left that entity alive and successful and moved back to Alaska to start another legalization campaign. When a professional organization started an initiative I quickly learned how fast things were evolving and the grass roots activists like myself were no longer needed so I decided to go back to my dream of a shop owner and I took the $10,000 I had saved up and opened the smallest Smoke Shop in Alaska.